Why CBD is Becoming Popular With Athletes
May 09, 2018

Since the discovery of the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil, many athletes have decided to switch out their standard pain relief medication for CBD. Athletes like Andrew Talansky, professional cyclist for Slipstream Sports, prefer the medicinal effects of the unique cannabis plant extract to help soothe their aching muscles after a long day of intense training sessions.

A Variety Of Positive Effects

Recently, Talansky took the plunge and began training for triathlons. Talansky experienced a lot of pain and muscle soreness as triathlons are extremely competitive, physically demanding, and requires the use of a variety of muscle groups. However, Talansky experienced an injury last fall–a strained hip flexor–and instead of relying on pain relief pills like ibuprofen to help ease his soreness, he decided to try CBD oil. He explains, “I’m using muscles I haven’t used in years. My body is constantly inflamed…I took it for a couple of weeks, and there was a noticeable difference immediately. And it wasn’t just that my hip was feeling better. I was less anxious, and I was sleeping better”.

A Safe And Natural Alternative For Athletes

Since its removal from the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), many professional athletes decided to use CBD in replacement of ibuprofen, many believing it to be a safer and more natural alternative. Additionally, Floyd Landis, a former professional cyclist, also uses CBD oil to assist with his pain management after his 2006 hip replacement surgery. He explains, “It’s the only thing I use now. I try not to oversell it, because I don’t want to sound insane. But if you can stop taking other pain medications, if you have a natural solution, that’s probably the better option.”

Many athletes, including Talansky, believe that CBD is not only effective, but boast long-term effects that are far superior to standard ibuprofen–i.e. Increased risk of heart failure can occur in those who take ibuprofen, not to mention the addictive qualities that come with using opioids. With more and more athletes leaning on CBD oil as their go-to pain reliever, it’s evident that CBD oil truly has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Continuing Its Upward Trend

With such a large market to service, CBD is growing more and more popular as each year progresses. In a study conducted by the Brightfield Group, a Tampa-based market research company, found that hemp CBD oil generated approximately $170 million in revenue back in 2016. Also recorded was the growth rate of the annual sales. With a growth rate of 55%, researchers determined that the industry will be worth at least $1 billion by the time we reach 2020.

Although clinical trials in the US are still in the beginning stages, there are many studies that show the benefits CBD oil provides for pain management. Jahan Marcu, a chief science officer with Americans for Safe Access, explains, “There is overwhelming evidence that CBD can be effective for mitigating pain. But we haven’t seen the full clinical trials necessary to understand exactly how it works.” Although there are still many unknowns regarding the benefits of CBD and the ways in which it works, its effect on pain management are very apparent and preferred by many–athletes included.