CBD Is Now Legal In Kansas (Officially)
June 27, 2018

CBD is now legal in the state of Kansas, but there seems to be one stipulation linked to this new advancement.

About a year ago, local police raided Into the Mystic, an alternative medicinal shop located in downtown Mission, Kansas. During their raid, police confiscated any and all products that contained cannabidiol (CBD) and marijuana extract. This raid shocked owner, Eddie Smith, and claimed that the laws on CBD were very unclear. However, thanks to the vigorous lobbying of CBD consumers–many of whom were Smith’s customers–laws on CBD in Kansas just got a lot more clear and concise.

A Call for Change

Before all of his inventory was confiscated, Smith was one of several merchants who sold CBD products and medicine alternatives in Kansas City. His products contained trace amounts of THC, but he believed it was legal under a farm federal bill that allowed the cultivation of ‘industrial hemp’–a form of cannabis that has .3% THC or less (source). Luckily, Smith wasn’t charged with possession and intent to sell marijuana. However, in light of the situation, the Johnson County District Attorney, Stephen Howe, and Shawnee County District Attorney, Mike Kagay, wrote to the Kansas Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, with a request to clarify the legality of CBD under state law. The following was Schmidt’s response: Any form of marijuana is against the law in Kansas, even if it can’t get you high. Upon receiving this statement from the Attorney General, the chairman of the House, Health, and Human Services Committee explained that many legislators felt the need to act quickly.

After the uproar caused by the unexpected raid at Into the Mystic, the state of Kansas decided changes needed to be made to CBD laws. At the end of April, the Kansas Legislature voted to exclude CBD that contains no THC from the state’s definition of marijuana. This change allows for CBD products to be an unrestricted substance. Although there’s been a wealth of controversy surrounding CBD and its relation to marijuana, surprisingly, there was little argument over the call for change. Only 3 House members voted against it; not one senator voted against this change. Kansas representative, Dan Hawkins, explains, “Ultimately it gained wide support in the House (of Representatives) because of the attention that had been given to CBD oil for several years. It wasn’t new to the House.”

Taking Steps Towards Legalization

Unfortunately, Eddie Smith never got back his stock of CBD products after the police raid and legalization of CBD occurred, netting a loss of $4,000 in inventory. However, in the time since these events, Smith claimed to experience an outpour of support from customers. Many would come to the shop just to buy novelty items to show their support. Smith believes that once CBD oil becomes normal in Kansas, small steps towards legalizing other forms of medical marijuana will be taken.

Currently, 30 states allow medical marijuana, however, Kansas is not one of them. The Kansas House voted against the legalization of medical marijuana 54-69 this past year.