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The CBD Palace was founded on one major principle. Add value to customers looking to purchase a CBD product. We, the founders of The CBD Palace come from an amateur boxing background. After intense training and sparring sessions, we were looking for a way to recover, while still meeting the requirements of the amateur boxing circuits. We had gone through everything, ice-baths, cryotherapy, oils, creams, massages, pills and supplements, you name it, we tried it! One day a friend recommended CBD to aid in the recovery process and reduce inflammation. This is how the journey began. We quickly realized the knowledge around CBD was very scattered. Once we learnt as much as possible about the supplement, we went to go buy some CBD. We quickly got lost in a sea of CBD manufactures touting their CBD as the best CBD on the market. We didn’t know who to buy from. We scoured the internet, found a company that looked legit, closed our eyes, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Then it came time to pay. Wow! CBD is expensive! There must be a better way. Out of these hurdles, The CBD Palace was born.

Adding Value to Our Customers Throughout Their Entire CBD Purchasing Experience


There are a myriad of benefits from CBD, but not everyone knows about them. We want to change that. Our goal is to spread as much awareness about the benefits of CBD as possible. We want to educate the masses on the latest research, legal legislation, the pros and the cons, so that our customers can be experts in the field like us!


Here is where we shine. There are so many CBD companies out there, it’s very difficult to know who to turn to. Not anymore. We do the research. We audit the CBD companies. We make sure what they are saying is the truth, the content of their CBD is correct and there is no external contamination from harmful pesticides and herbicides. We take great care to select the best CBD manufacturers on the market, narrowing down the list from hundreds, to just a handful. Our mission is to make sure that our customers feel safe that any CBD product they purchase from The CBD Palace is safe and works!


We negotiate pricing with our suppliers to make sure that you are getting the best price from each manufacturer. Value is the name of the game and we want our customers to have as much value as possible added to their shopping experience.

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